A senior looking at art pictures

Milwaukee Arts Welcomes Seniors the seniors of Sunrise Assisted Living Facility in Milwaukee.  The members who are not receiving full long term care got to experience local art on their day out.  These residents are not using their long term care insurance policies because although they live in the assisted living, they still maintain their independence and were able to make the trip to the Arts Festival.

Experiencing art for seniors of are getting close to needing long term care has been scientifically proven to keep the mind sharp and slow the effects of Alzheimer’s.  The seniors who made the trip from the long term care facility spent the day painting, clay molding, singing, playing instruments and had such a wonderful day.

I actually met several of the seniors myself and learned a lot about a segment of the population that’s often forgotten.  I learned that they often don’t get out the long term care insurance facility to see Art of this was such a breath of fresh air for the group.  Ed Rollins, the patriarch of the facility, said that he actually heard about this Art Festival from a financial rep who gave a seminar to the family members of the residents on long term care insurance.  The reps wife was actually a head volunteer of the arts festival and gave the residents free tickets.  What a great time the long term care residents had and we can’t wait to come back next year.

For those comparing assisted living facilities or other long term care insurance plans a site called Compare Long Term Care has some good resources to check out.

Top 10 Cities in the world for art tourism

There’s no shortage of impressive works of art stashed in galleries, museums, and public places around the world. Most arts fanatics are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding an art tourism destination. To help you make up your mind and choose well for that matter, this article highlights a number of the top arts hotspots (cities) around the globe. These are locations that will inspire your dreams and give you a sense of fulfillment.

1.      Paris

From romance to style, shopping and architecture, Paris is the place to be. The French city has earned its place as the leading art destination in the world. If you love art and design, Paris should be at the top of your places-to-visit list. The most famous site in town is the Louvre, which is identified to be a global symbol of art. In the Louvre you find many priceless and iconic pieces of art . Perhaps the most outstanding work of art you can witness at the Louvre is The Mona Lisa, a historic painting by Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to the Louvre, there are tons of museums distributed across the city.

2.      Rome

Rome has had some eventful history, so it’s no surprise that it makes it to our list of the top arts destinations in the world. You’ll find thousands of years’ worth of history here. There are infinite museums, including the Vatican Museums that were founded in the 16th century. Rome is known as the city of Renaissance art and within its borders you’ll find treasured works by Raphael, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio.

3.      London

London’s art scene is no joke. The city has dozens of galleries and museums, from the Tate Modern to the National gallery. The Tate Modern houses works of art from the likes of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Henri Matisse and Roy Lichtenstein. There are scores of other hotspots that will have you blazing with excitement.

4.      New York

New York has an immense wealth of art for you to discover. Globally, it’s recognized as the spiritual home of street art. A simple walk will reveal eye-catching graffiti and some other interesting pieces of art by artists across the city. There’s also a lot of classic art available in many of New York’s galleries. The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) was initially founded as an educational center in 1929, but has now gathered a massive collection. You’ll enjoy paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and other similar works of art here.

5.      Basel

Basel is often forgotten as a major city in the world, usually because it’s overshadowed by Zurich and Geneva. However, in recent times, it’s been making its case as being the most sophisticated Swiss city. Basel is a center for art and design. Perhaps its strategic position in Europe makes it an interesting location. If you’re looking for a majestic place to take your craving for art tourism, this is definitely the city.

If you want to …

How to sharpen your grasp of Art and Design

It is important to undertake daily creative processes that will help you understand art and design better. It’s very easy to sharpen your understanding about design while working. Learning new things helps you get more knowledgeable each day making you a better designer and worker. Continues improvement is important in order to succeed thus it’s upon you to seriously think on how to get a better grasp for your design career. Sharpeningyour art understanding will help you get nearer to your goal.Here are some tips on how to sharpen your grasp on art and design.

Be determined to improve

Nothing is more effective than self-motivation and determination in what you doing. You look into curtains points you need to understand and improve about art and design. When you determined then everything about design will be at your finger points.

Create new challenges

The best way to sharpen your understanding about something is by facing a new challenge. Create a challenge for yourself by aiming higher than what you are used of doing. The challenge should be realistic and this will give you a good grasp of everything in your design career.


As they say practice makes perfect. There is no any other way to express your creative ideas if you do not work on something. Alwaysdesign even if you don’t have a project to work on. This is the only way to let those ideas to come out of your mind and at the end of it all you will have a better understanding about a particular art. Always keep in mind creativity takes practice.

Read design blogs

Design blogs will help you get a lot of inspiration and resources. The new things you see and read each day will affect how you work and feed your mind with what it needs to encourage you to do design. It also helps you to keep that creative blaze inside you.

Learn from failure

Failure is a stepping stone to success. It’s always good to learn from mistake since you get a good grasp of everything. Failure makes our success look better because after overcoming failure you feel that you deserve glory and much more. Failure is the best teacher since it sharpens your understanding and makes you yearn to learn more for improvement.

Leave your comfort zone

Once you pushed out of your comfort zone you are forced to perform better and learn more new skills. This helps you to look at the bigger picture and improve your skills no matter what it takes. When you are exposed to different ambiance you can work on something new and comprehend it intensively.


Attitude is the main determiner of continuousimprovement. Always have a positive attitude in everything you do and avoid procrastination because you hinder yourself from getting anywhere. Do not close your doors beforethey areopened. A good attitude improves your understanding.


Experimentation adds a unique touch to your work. Through experiment you can learn new things and discover some …

What an arts hobby says about you

Each and everyone likes artwork because it inspires us and makes us think creatively. It seems overwhelming with all the art out there that its even difficult to take a single step into the huge world of art. Some people find it so hard to know which type of artist whose style they want to follow. An Art hobby says a lot about the particular person:

Professional development

This is incredibly important for continued learning and growth. One needs to perfect his /her fine arts which shows that your dedication and desire to learn and improve constantly. Artwork is a profession that focuses on time source of income and skills for personal growth.

Your determination

Interests and hobbies are the main determiners of who you really are. Lack of these two great virtues greatly interferes with normal day to day life. Any art shows ho enthusiastic you are about a particular drawing or an interest. Determination is one of the most important virtues that are considered in any business development and also in normal life situations. No matter how many mistakes one makes before getting a satisfying drawing is great measure of determination and positivity about his/her hobby.

Creative writing

An interest in creative writing, drawingand personal blogs are a good highlight of your strengths. This interest lays a platform for employment or other positions in the society. For organizations which use drawings or arts to pass a particular message will highly consider your skills for their benefits. Art is the most effective way of delivering a message since one is inspired by just looking them. This hobby includes much creativity and critical thinking.

Involvement in community

Some arts positively show once ability to relate with others in the society. This is seen as particularly good personality that can be used in the managerial role in the community. An art done showing the unity in a particular proudly shows your good intentions and willingness in maintaining harmony in the community.

Reading museums

This shows the urge of learning more skills and hunger for knowledge. This makes you a good researcher and artist since you can pass a very crucial message through an art. When you yearn to know how other artists are doing and how advanced the field is you art interest will grow intensively.

High risk pursuits

When doing art one taking huge risk since it may heart breaking when the art does not appear as you wanted. The materials used are expensive and cannot be reused which means that a lot of cost is incurred before getting a satisfying art. Many of us with this amazing interest seem to get huge favors from the society since they are considered strong and passionate.


A strong interest in something always brings out the best qualities in you. Hobbies are overall determiners in a job interview or even when relating with people in the society. Everyone should have interests and hobbies in life. The above attributes are brought about by …

Art room

Arts and culture-related industries provide direct economic growth for the state and local communities. They are important complements to community development and enriching local amenities. Arts and culture create job opportunities and also stimulates local economies through consumer purchases and tourism. Tourism centered on culture and arts contribute greatly to state economic growth by providing attracting revenues. This creative sector attracts young talented workers to participate in the contemporary workforce. Here are some ways on how the state can incorporate arts and culture for state economic development.

Understand your states cultural industries

Every state should measure its creative economy. For a better understanding about the economic benefit of these creative industries the state can map their cultural and art assets. This includes maintaining arts industry data and performing an ongoing inventory of art assets. Performing an ongoing inventory helps to gauge the contribution of art and culture on a state’s economy. This enables them to maintain important data on arts and culture that can be used to inform state economic development strategies. The collected data is used in formulating local economic development, tourism initiatives, and coordinate cultural development efforts. Creative industries are so important in states and local economic development and since this impact is always underestimated special attention should be devoted to them.

Develop strategies to support culture and art sectors

A state should adopt specific programs or initiatives designed to advance economic growth through arts. This can be achieved through the following essential parts of state arts infrastructure:

  • Supporting individual entrepreneurs-Individual artists are important producers in any state’s cultural economy. To support their role states are using small grants to encourage creative individuals, entrepreneurs, and career advancement among artists. This artist entrepreneurial grant offers the opportunity for artists to improve their business acumen.
  • Public-private partnerships-States partnership with any key area industries will increase their capacity to develop a creative workforce. Many local –levels successes suggests that such strategies are promising since they provide technical assistance in areas such as planning and marketing. This fosters significant growth in the country’s cultural sector.
  • Target specific sectors- States have identified various creative industries that offer significant economic growth. They include film, crafts, design and environmental arts. This help in adopting different strategies such as training programs, to encourage growth in the industry.
  • Strengthen the nonprofit arts and cultural infrastructure-Most non-profits serves as incubators, training, education or planning services for entrepreneurs and creative businesses. As the state tries to foster economic growth in the arts they should ensure that the nonprofits have the capacity to contribute to the economic development.

Include the art and culture into statewide planning

After analyzing cultural assets states should use that information to devise the economic benefits to the creative industries on a statewide basis. Such strategies will identify new opportunities and reveal potential partners to further art-driven economic development in the state. Here are the key elements of a good planning process:

  • Seek input from stakeholders-This includes identifying the right people to lead to the
Major challenges in design and art today

A lot of changes and advancement is happening in the design world which is bringing with it new challenges. Technology growth affects everything and everywhere so you can imagine all the challenges it has brought about in design and art. Here are the major challenges in art and design.

Finding the right client

This is the most challenging problem faced by designers out there. Finding a good client who really values good designs itself and who don’t perceive design as an expense but a worthwhile investment is just like a dream. Most clients do not appreciate design and art something that is so heartbreaking for many designers out there.

Maintaining personal interaction

Personal communication is the foundation of creativity and good business .An idea can always be better discussed verbally which eventually leads to better solutions. Most designers rely entirely on email and social media which is open to interruptions and also it’s non-dimensional. Designers do not meet a client in person to discuss creative issues which greatly affects their market and efficiency.

Being multi-skilled

The young designers who are joining the creative industry not only need design, conceptual thinking and skills but also they need expertise in a variety of disciplines that are supported by the latest technology. These particular skills are hard to get in most of the design and art schools which largely affects the designer’s presentational skills.

Encouraging new talents to aspire to greatness

The designer marketplace does not provide enough platforms for graphic artists to flourish. There are overwhelming numbers of talents out there but it’s a big challenge to find a non-web based portal for its exhibition.

Cultivating experience

As technology advances certain skills will be no longer needed as computers makes designing accessible to all. Humans need to cultivate new ways to gather experience and culture into creative output. This may be really hard to many designers.

Adapting to technological change

Designers need to anticipate technological change, master it and be open to new influences. All this takes a very short time demanding a positive mind set and extra effort in understanding everything.

Staying true to design fundamentals

In every commercial landscape, designer must remain true to the ideas while keeping up with technology and customer engagement. Every designer must be brave enough to try new different approaches and appreciate the value of doing their job well. The success of the designers who keep these values as their core philosophy shows there is always need of these fundamentals for the betterment of each designers work.

Staying relevant

As technology advances the designers will need to be at the fore front of digital by defining what they are doing. They will also need to understand how the marketers are using technology and work out how to fit into the new world. This is a big challenge to every designer who has not yet embraced the need of advancement


The technology is evolving and the software is changing to but the main challenge to …

Principle of art and design

There are different elements used in artwork and design. These elements improve the visual quality of your work thus creating market. Art and design are improving each day as technology continues to advance the more reason why you should improve on your art elements to meet most customer’s needs. Here are some elements and principles of art and design.


Lines are used to outline, create shading, decorate and direct the viewer’s eye. Lines can be hard, sharp, and geometric; they can also be organic, soft, loopy, wavy or flowing. Lines can remain in a constant thickness or vary thickness along their length. Gestural lines shout the force and emotion put in their making. As artists are trying to capture their subject to display interest or character they use more confident lines. Lines divide the space they are in and they can be united to tie elements together.


Color is the visible spectrum of radiation reflected from an object .There is three properties of color in art and design:

  • Brightness-The darkness or lightness of a color can be used to depict shadow and light on a color and show its form.
  • Intensity-The purity of the color can be either bright more neutral or intense.
  • Hue-The name of the color.

There are different color harmonies that are used in art and design such like complementary and monochromatic.


This is the difference between in quality two instances of an element which can be in texture, shape or even color. Contrast plays a great role in artwork since the greater the contrast the more an item calls for attention. In some cases contrast is used to set the mood of the work. Low contrast shows the work is calm or soothing while high contrast shows a more vibrant work.

Harmony and unity

Harmonious elements have a logical relationship which creates unity. Using harmonious similarities and closure of design elements in different parts of the work for the parts to relate to each other creates a unified whole greater than the sum of the parts. This creates a meaningful assortment of elements.


Value is the independent of the color of an element. Using limited range of values sets the mood of the piece and can make it more pleasing. Work where only the bright and very dark colors are used can be bold and stark. Works with mostly dark colors are called low key and are used to create a sense secretive of things hidden from sight. Works with brightly lit subjects and white backgrounds are called high key, they are used in female portrait to convey delicacy or innocence.


This is the distribution of visual weight in a work. If all the interesting elements of a work are centered at one spot the work is off-balance since the viewer will gaze in one place ignoring the rest of the piece. Symmetric is one type of balance where elements of an art are arranged such that they draw the viewer’s …

Art festivals

No longer is the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival called the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival. After an issue with the landlord at this location, the festival is now called the Logan Square Arts Festival, as its name and location have been changed.

The festival begins at its new location on the first night in the square of Kedizie, Logan and Milwaukee close to the Illinois Centennial Monument. The festival lasts for the entire weekend and offers a number of things to do and see for festival-goers. In fact, there are more than 30 live bands who perform each year, as well as more than 50 different artists. Food and drink is provided by local vendors and there is definitely something for everyone at this festival.

The president of I Am Logan Square and the Logan Square Arts Festival Director, Geary Yonker, has stated that this change in venue and name are supposed to indicate that this is now an event that represents the entire neighborhood and show that some of the proceeds earned during the festival will go toward restoring the Centennial Monumen.

During the festival, people can enjoy music, art and food between the hours of 5PM and 10PM on Friday and from 12PM to 10PM on Saturday and Sunday. While there is no admission to get into this festival, it is asked that everyone makes a donation of $5 to help with the planned restoration projects.

Some of the vendors who participate in this even annually include Brewing Revolution, Dark Matter Coffee, The Whistler, THT: The Harding Tavern, Lula CafÈ, Wintrust Logan Square, Comcast, Chloe Wine Collection, Cruzan Rum, Parsonís Chicken & Fish, I Am Logan Square, Logan Square Preservation, DO 312, The Rocking Horse, Crown Liquors, The Owl, Elastic Arts, Beauty & Brawn, Paula Interiors, The Radler, Chiro One, Pinotís Palette, Twisted Scissors, Logan, Shop 1021, WBEZ 91.5, Vocalo 91.1, LoganSquarist and Chirp Radio.

There is no question that this is an even with a rich history that many people in the area love to attend. It features live music, local artists and plenty to eat and drink that makes it appealing to virtually any and every one. In fact, this event is not only a popular destination for locals, it also attracts festival goers from neighboring towns and states.

While Chicago has more than a few things to do each day, this festival is one that is looked forward to throughout the year. It offers individuals an opportunity to enjoy one another’s company, great live music and try out local food and drink vendors. Not to mention, a number of the local businesses set up booths where they offer coupons and other free products for those who go to the festival. This is a fun even for people of all ages and something you should definitely check out if you have never been!…